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Why is Unbundled Legal Help So Affordable?

With Unbundled Legal Help you can hire a lawyer to assist you with the parts of your case you need help with, and then you can handle parts on your own to save money. In other words, if your case is a good fit to be unbundled, you will NOT be required to pay thousands of dollars up front.

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What People Like You Say About Our Unbundled Lawyers

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I will always be grateful to my lawyer. Thanks to his dedication, determination and professionalism, I now have legal rights over my daughter's well-being.

Maurice I., Owings Mills, MD
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I have received more support from my lawyer than I have from our system here in about 3 years. I appreciate all that has been done for me. Thank you all.

Tammy Y., Irvington, AL
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What a unique and creative way to work with an attorney. I was expecting to spend a few thousand dollars, but instead I got the paperwork I needed done for a few hundred and handled the rest myself.

Larry A., Austin, TX
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Landlord/Eviction - Get the Help you Need to Defend Your Rights

One of the most difficult things to deal with as a landlord is evicting a tenant. In some cases, tenants willingly move out. Other times, it’s not so easy and the landlord must file an unlawful detainer suit to remove tenants from the property. As a property owner, it’s important to know when to send a Notice of Termination and what to expect after an unlawful detainer suit.

When To Send a Tenant a Notice for Termination With Cause

Each state offers its own terminologies, but in general, there are three types of termination notices that landlords can send to tenants. They include:

  • Pay Rent or Quit Notices: A notice that requires tenants to pay overdue rent typically within 3 - 5 days or move out.
  • Cure or Quit Notices: Notices sent when a tenant has violated terms of the rental agreement. It gives them a certain amount of time to remedy the violations or move out.
  • Unconditional Quit Notices: This is an order that mandates the tenant to move out of the property with no chance to pay back rent or remedy violations.


Frequently Asked Questions

Working with an Unbundled Lawyer could save you thousands of dollars. Since the consultation is free, and there is no obligation to hire the lawyer we connect you with, we suggest you give it a try! If your case qualifies for unbundled legal services, the starting cost will typically be between $500-$1500. If you need full representation, this will cost more. Yes, you will receive a free consultation with a local Unbundled Lawyer that serves the city you need help in. You will be immediately connected with a lawyer as soon as you submit your request. Depending on the time of day, you may be able to talk to a lawyer within a few minutes. Most of our Unbundled Lawyers offer payment plans. If you cannot afford the starting fee, just ask your lawyer if they can break it up into a few payments and they will usually work with you. For over a decade, Unbundled Legal Help has connected over 1,000,000 people with lawyers in their area. Our lawyers provide unbundled legal services, which are typically a fraction of the upfront cost of a traditional retainer. With unbundled legal services, you are hiring your lawyer to help you with only parts of your case. Since you are paying for less hours of legal help, you will NOT be required to pay such a large retainer up front, unbundled legal services are much more affordable.

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